Reduce the Risk Factor

A manager is looking for a new employee.  Great!  There is a job available.  The resumes come pouring in.  What makes the manager select one resume over another?  Most managers want to reduce their risk.  Hiring an employee is always a risk.  Will the employee work out? Will they actually possess the right skills, the right personality, a good work-ethic, etc?  Will the employee outshine the manager?

A resume that helps make it easier for the manager to determine some of the above questions will more quickly end up in the “call-in” pile.  Record of achievements clearly spelled out on a resume reduce the risk factor on the part of the reader.  Obviously, the skill set has to be clearly evident but proof of the accomplishments of the potential candidate should be spelled out as well.  What does this candidate bring to the table over the other candidates?  Make it clear; make it stand out on your resume.

The concept of reducing the risk factor is critical on the interview as well.  Think about the things that might be concerns for the manager and without sounding cocky show the interviewer why you are not a risky hire.  When viewing the interview and resume from the “Risk Factor” perspective, it can help guide the candidate to make sure the right message comes across.

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