Questions for Preparing a Focused Resume:

A resume is a job candidate’s opportunity to pique the interest of a prospective employer.  It is the first step in a process and there are things that a candidate can do to help make it a successful first step.  When preparing your resume ask yourself the following types of questions:

  •  What did I do that added to the efficiency or effectiveness of a task or procedure?
  • Did I improve the way something was done?
  • Did I help reduce costs in any way?
  • Did I help increase profits in any way?
  • Did I bring in any new clients?
  • Did I make the experience better for any clients?
  • Did I notice or fix an issue in how something was being done?
  • Did I make things easier for my manager or co-workers?

 The theme in the above questions is:  What did I add to the position?  How can I quantify my accomplishments?

 Although you will hear a great deal about “KeyWords” and indicating that your background matches the needs described in the job description, it is critical that you convey what you bring to the table.  The skills are important but you need to differentiate yourself from the other candidates with the same basic skill set.  Make sure your resume markets why an employer should meet with you!

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