Resume Writing… An Art, Not A Science.

In the existing job market, it is imperative that candidates take the necessary steps to ensure that their value is noticed by potential employers.  From the cover letter and resume submission through the interview process, the competition is tight and a small misstep can make the difference between getting the job and being turned down.

We, at, want to assist you in putting your best effort into getting the job that you want, advancing in your career or transitioning from one career to another.  We will help you develop your own personal and successful marketing campaign that highlights your value added!

Whether you…

  • do not yet have a resume,
  • need a complete overhaul of your current resume, or
  • just want a professional eye to review and comment on your resume…


We will discuss your background and your goals, explain the purpose of a cover letter and prepare you for your interview so that your job search has direction and structure.   We can assist you on one or all aspects of your job search.

At you know that a human resources professional is going to be working with you on your resume, cover letter and interview coaching so the quality is guaranteed!

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