Successful Networking!

Just a quick, positive and uplifting story for those of you who may need it! Don’t get discouraged if your efforts at finding employment have not yet produced results.  If necessary, take a break for a week or so and then start again with a fresh, new attitude.

I hear from clients all the time who have found new positions but unfortunately they don’t always share the details of how it happened. Recently I heard about a few success stories that resulted from aggressive but targeted networking.  I will share one story now.

 Mr. Candidate, a recent college graduate, was determined to find something in his preferred field.  It was already more than 6 months after graduation but he didn’t want to settle for just any job.  He continued to contact people and respond to job openings.  Using LinkedIn, he found a contact at a desired employer (we will call him Mr. Interviewer).  Mr. Interviewer was connected to one of Mr. Candidate’s contacts. He asked his contact to introduce him to Mr. Interviewer.  The introduction took place and Mr. Candidate followed up with a request to meet. Fortunately, a position had just opened in Mr. Interviewer’s group and within a few weeks Mr. Candidate had a job offer!!!

Remember, this wasn’t a quick, slam-dunk job search but rather a result of over 6-8 months of solid job searching.  The right thing came along at the right time after a great deal of persistence.  This can happen for everyone!

 New members are constantly signing up on LinkedIn. Continue to search for potential employer contacts and use your contacts to get introduced!  Don’t give up!

 Please tell me about your successes so that I can continue to share with all my clients!

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