How often do I hear clients say, “But I’m not an expert, does this make me sound like I know more than I do?” or “I’m not sure that I know all aspects of that software (Excel, Word, etc.,), should I really say that I know it?”  Over and over again I hear people unsure of themselves and their skills.  This uncertainty comes through very clearly on an interview or phone conversation (and even in written correspondence) and is not viewed positively.  My answer to these clients is always the same, “Believe in yourself and your abilities!  That is half the battle.” No one expects you to know as much as the developers who wrote Excel!  You can use it, create spreadsheets and some formulas – you can put it on your resume!  Let the recruiter or hiring manager know what you have done with it, don’t start listing the things you can’t do!  Having confidence is critical in a job search.  If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will believe in you either. And no one wants to hire someone they don’t believe in.  Whether you are just starting out in your career or have been working for some time, believe in your abilities and believe that you can learn what you don’t already know.  Being positive and confident (not cocky!) goes a long way in a finding a job!  As a matter of fact, it helps in retaining a job and getting promoted too!

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