More on Social Networking

I recently wrote about the down-side of social networking.  Although the internet has provided a plethora of positive opportunities and can be extremely useful in a job search, if not used wisely it can hurt us in many ways as well.  According to a recent report, prosecutors and defense attorneys are now making use of the internet to learn about witnesses, jury members and defendants.  The information out there is public and available.  Although the legality of its use is still up for discussion, the reality is that it is being used!  Be aware of what is being posted by you and friends, even if you are young and care-free now!  Think of how many people have been arrested after “bragging” on YouTube or other on-line medium about some silly, illegal and often dangerous behavior.  Those may be extreme cases (still, unbelievably, some people fall prey to those situations!) but would you want to be turned down for a position, fired or scrutinized in court based on something posted on-line?  I don’t think so.

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