Identifying your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience in a job search can help create a more pleasant and productive experience.  We are all aware that a manufacturer of a new product will determine the target audience of the product and create marketing campaigns to meet the needs and interests of the potential customers.  For example, if a company was manufacturing a fabric softener dryer sheet it would not market the product to areas where dryers are not used.  A campaign targeted at individuals using clotheslines to dry their clothes will not generate sales of the dryer sheets.  That, however, does not discount the effectiveness and benefits of the product.  It is merely a poor marketing practice.

Likewise, when conducting your own personal marketing campaign (i.e., sending out resumes, networking, contacting potential employers), you want to make sure that you are targeting appropriate employers based on your skills, background and personality or “product”.  Your “product” has benefit for the right position!

We all need to be honest about ourselves (perhaps with some help from friends or colleagues) and determine where we would be most successful and add the most value.  Whether your “product” is appropriate for a large corporation, family owned business or non-profit, by targeting the right audience you are likely to have success more quickly.  Determining what type of employer, department or function would most benefit from your background will help you fine-tune your search.  This may require introspection or coaching but it is a process worth exploring.

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