5 Ways to Make Sure you Ruin Your Job Interview:

  1. Chew gum – even if it is hidden in your cheek, it will be detected and not appreciated. Same goes for a sucking candy.
  2. Put your feet up and relax – taking the liberty of making yourself at home, reclining and leaning in your seat, is a sure way to avoid being asked back for a follow-up.
  3. Leave your resume at home – if the interviewer can’t locate your resume let him know to check his email – that will make an excellent impression.
  4. Ask the interviewer if you could take a look at your own resume – if the interviewer asks about a specific experience listed on your resume answer with “Let me see that thing a second, just want to jog my memory.”
  5. Talk endlessly – rambling, whatever the reason, is a sure fire interview spoiler!
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One Response to 5 Ways to Make Sure you Ruin Your Job Interview:

  1. Joel Libava says:

    great tips. Thanks.

    I saw you in the WSJ. Great job!

    One more thing..you forgot an important tip for interviewees;

    Make sure you talk about your last boss. In a nasty way.

    The Franchise King®